03 April 2012

Needlebook Complete!

Hello!  It's been crazy around here and I think it will just get more crazy until our move is complete, so I'm not sure how consistent I'll be able to be with the blog.  (just a little warning!)

I finished my needlebook though!!!  The class was SO MUCH FUN!

Seriously, if you want to take an online course in the future, I HIGHLY recommend anything Susan teaches.

I believe she is planning on teaching this same class in the fall and hopefully others in the future!

This ended up being completely sewn by hand.  What with the little one running around and showing our house every other day, it seemed, it was just easier to get a little done here and there on the couch.  I really love how it turned out.

An unexpected bit was the spine - I blame the preggo brain, but I didn't even think to switch threads to match the pages, so it's all white and it all shows.  The more I see it, the more I like it though.  Definitely handmade and I love me some handmade!

The other little bits that I love are the pocket and accent fabrics.  The pocket is from a little scrap of fabric I got with my Grandma when she visited when I was little and got my mom a sewing machine - so that reminds me of my Grandma and my mom.  The green fabric, back accent strip and ties are all fabrics that I have more bits of that will be used in a quilt for "homegirl".  Someday I hope to pass this on to her and maybe she'll have special memories of it too.

Until next time,
Blessings Friends!