29 March 2012

Journaling the trip

Slight delay on the way there.
The hubby and little one were off getting energy out.
I doodled with a ballpoint pen and colored it in later.

As I mentioned in the previous post - Love me some Dunkin'!

This sort of sums up some of the great memories from our time in Ocean City!

Blessings Friends!

26 March 2012

A trip and a tip

Some highlights from the trip earlier this month:

The beach!!!

Lunch at Ikea!  SO GOOD!  (we don't have an Ikea here, so this was an adventure)

Dunkin' Donuts Vanilla Chai.  
There is one DD in New Orleans, and it is ALL the way across town, AND they don't have a vanilla chai machine so it's really not even worth going.

And now for the tip.  When traveling and eating with our toddler, we found entertainment necessary while we waited for food.  He loves to color, but sometimes papers slip out from under crayons, etc.

I had a sticky pad in my purse and found that it worked out really well if I overlapped all the edges, so for the most part the whole thing was stuck to the table or pieces to each other.
Presto entertainment!

More soon...

It's a little nuts around here with the house of the market and the move around the corner.


20 March 2012

Hello Again!

Sorry for the extended absence - we were up in New Jersey finding a place to live because we're moving in about a month!!!!!  (CRAZY!)
We did find a little place that should be perfect for us and is just blocks from the beach - woot woot!!

While we were gone, I did a bit of art journaling (enjoying that so very much).

I was also able to stop in to Home Made and meet the very lovely owner Julie and Dot, a patron that loves the shop!  So fun.  
Looking forward to being able to attend some knitting afternoons there!

Still need to finish:
- my needlebook
- the baby quilt for the baby who will be one before we know it!
-something I am forgetting...hmmm, that's not good

Anyway - I don't have pictures from the trip ready yet, so here are some updates to the Etsy shop!

Hope you all are well,

06 March 2012

On the needles

I finally started the leg warmers for homegirl.

This is all the farther I've gotten, though.

I'm using this pattern.
It is great!  But I am not, and I messed up so I'm deviating a bit from the pattern.
We'll see how they turn out.

I just love the colorway of this yarn - they can't turn out that bad...right?

What are you up to these days?


02 March 2012

The Word

A Coast Guard helicopter crashed Tuesday night in Mobile, AL.  
My husband is a Coast Guard pilot and when anything like this happens it hits way too close to home.
This is something I fear every time he goes to work.  The Coast Guard and especially the aviation community within the Coast Guard is so small, we all know each other and that makes it so difficult when things like this happen.  

Three of the four crew have been recovered, deceased.  The search continues for the fourth.
They were training.  Training to do the mission their fellow Coasties are doing right now to find them.

What I have been reminded, though the week has been very difficult, is that God is good.  
No matter what.

May God Bless and Keep them and their families.