26 March 2012

A trip and a tip

Some highlights from the trip earlier this month:

The beach!!!

Lunch at Ikea!  SO GOOD!  (we don't have an Ikea here, so this was an adventure)

Dunkin' Donuts Vanilla Chai.  
There is one DD in New Orleans, and it is ALL the way across town, AND they don't have a vanilla chai machine so it's really not even worth going.

And now for the tip.  When traveling and eating with our toddler, we found entertainment necessary while we waited for food.  He loves to color, but sometimes papers slip out from under crayons, etc.

I had a sticky pad in my purse and found that it worked out really well if I overlapped all the edges, so for the most part the whole thing was stuck to the table or pieces to each other.
Presto entertainment!

More soon...

It's a little nuts around here with the house of the market and the move around the corner.



  1. Absolutely fabulous picture of the beach, fence line & sky!!

    1. Thank you! It was a perfect cold, windy morning on the beach!