21 June 2012

Shifting gears

The other night I snuck out to take a walk to the beach (don't worry, the husband was home with the kiddos).  It was rainy/misty/foggy/blowing/stormy - the perfect time to be at the beach.
Because there is usually not a soul there.
Except that night I crossed paths with another woman walking the beach.
We didn't say anything, just smiled at each other.
Like we were sharing a secret - the call of the stormy ocean that no one else got to see.

I wanted to share that with you 
- since you couldn't walk with me that night.

And let you know that I might not be sharing here for awhile.
Shifting gears.
Seeking guidance.

Blessings and stormy beaches,

Commit your works to the LORD and your plans will be established.
Proverbs 16:3

18 June 2012

This and that and using what's on hand

Hello there!
Still haven't taken pictures of finished projects - but I have managed to whip up some "new" projects since we've been home.

Well, one was more of an improvement I'd say.  
Nursing bras.  
Not usually the prettiest things out there and the ones that are pretty are also pretty expensive.  I had a plain ole' white one that I decided to dress up a little bit.  Some lace trim and ribbon (all from my stash) and hello new bra!  (sorry I don't have a picture, but you get the idea, right?)

And some nursing pads.  I have been using disposables which I am not too fond of, so I decided to go ahead and make some reusable ones.  (I also considered just buying some from the lovely and talented vendors on Etsy, but in the end I just didn't want to wait)  I mostly followed this tutorial by I Sew, Do You? (thank you Pinterest!), but my layers were a little different.

Flannel, fleece, diaper, flannel.

All from things I had around the house - 
flannel from the quilt I finished in New Orleans, 
diapers from the cloth diaper pile 
and fleece from some pajama's Big Brother has outgrown.

I'm not one to buy a whole lot of 'new' or 'trendy' craft stuff/fabric/yarn anyway, but it feels really good to make do with what is on hand.  I've been thinking about that a bit (when I have coherent, non-sleep-deprived thoughts...) after listening to Frances in her Rambly Rose podcast a few weeks back, reading Julie's Use What You Have post, and finding, also via Pinterest, this post by Sandra's Cherry Heart blog (what really got me, was her little tag at the end of the post "crafting for free in June").

Speaking of making do, I created a new board in Pinterest called "Make Do and Mend" where I'm attempting to gather what I can on all things 'mending'.  Bits of information, history, neat ideas/ways to mend, styles of mending, etc.  So if you're on Pinterest (or not) and you happen to find anything about mending and feel so inclined - please send it my way!

All this was started by a hole in the heel of a pair of my husband's wool socks - and then I got a book - and then...but I'll save the rest for another post.

Blessings friends,

13 June 2012

A sleeping baby at my side...

Well, I took some pictures of WIPs and projects I've finished since we moved, but they are pretty terrible.  Need to find a new 'picture spot' in this house.

Here are some details anyhow...

The house is quiet - everyone (including the dog) is napping and it is overcast and blustery outside.  Just right.


11 June 2012

A life lesson...

-- I had some blog posts pre-loaded and this is the last of them.  Hopefully I'll have more soon, but we'll see how things go with Homegirl and Big Bro!--

Or: Why they teach you to take your pins out in sewing class in the seventh grade...

Needles break = bad things can happen
Kind of hard to see in that top picture, so here's a better shot:

The needle isn't poking me, my finger is just there so you can see how it broke off!
Fortunately (?) the thread was still through the eye, so it just hung there until I un-threaded it.

I'll show you what I was making when I get a picture taken (I downloaded all of the 400some pictures  I took since we left New Orleans, but apparently haven't taken any of the things I've made since we've been here!).  

And I did not put this needle in my "broken but not forgotten" special needle-holder-place.  I feel like that is a place reserved for needles that have been totally spent - this was me being stupid. ;)

Blessings and take those pins out!

09 June 2012

Introducing "Homegirl"!

Our little lady, Eleanor Mae, joined us on Thursday morning (June 7), at 9:30!

She and Mama (and Daddy and Big Brother) are all doing well and can't wait to watch her grow!

One Happy Mama

08 June 2012

Happy Friday!

Blessings and beachy wishes for you this weekend!

07 June 2012

Birthday presents

More sewing today!

Before we left New Orleans we had several birthday parties to attend.  Two were for little girls, so I decided to try my hand at pillowcase dresses.  I found some tutorials on Pinterest, looked a few of them over and then just went with it.  They turned out pretty well!

I was able to find some really cute pillow cases at the local thrift shop.  This dress was for a 1 year old.

 But just a dress isn't enough, is it?  I didn't think so, so each little lady got a matching flower hair clip!  Unfortunately I don't have a picture of the flower for the dress below, but it pretty much looks like the one above.

How neat is this pillowcase?  I was so excited when I found it because I knew it would be perfect because my friend is a quilter!  This dress was for a 2 year old.

The bottom was part of a different pillowcase I cut off and sewed on the dress.  
These were a lot of fun and I have a few more planned that will hopefully turn out to look like a watermelon slice!  Too cute.


06 June 2012

A Special Quilt for a Special Girl

Remember this one...?

Well, it was always destined to turn into this!  It was machine pieced and hand quilted.  Inspired by the Film Strip Quilt Pattern from Erin at Why Not Sew?: link here.

The front:

The back:

I didn't use the pattern because I knew I wanted bigger pieces, but all of Erin's patterns and tutorials are top-notch and I highly recommend them!

This one just took longer than it should have - thanks for your patience Evie!!


05 June 2012

I'm still here!

Wow - it's been a long time!  Sorry!  We have completed our move to the Jersey Shore (and are Loving it!), sold our house in New Orleans, our new place is almost to the point where it feels like home and I am due to have this baby girl TOMORROW (though I would not mind one itty bitty bit if she came today...)!!!

So, a lot has been going on.  That and the fact that the camera cord is here somewhere (meaning I haven't downloaded any pictures) is why I haven't posted.

BUT - a lot of sewing/creating/starting to decorate/cooking/canning has been going on and I will share that with you all real soon.

I promise.

(the few pictures I do have are from photobooth on the computer - this is a card that I painted and then scanned and printed- something am going to be doing more of in the future to stock the shop!  I sent this pic to my Dad because I was so excited that I actually got the whole process to work - his smart comment was, "that's nice, making the kids read backwards".  Thanks Dad.)  ;)

As soon as I find that cord...and/or this baby gets here...