11 June 2012

A life lesson...

-- I had some blog posts pre-loaded and this is the last of them.  Hopefully I'll have more soon, but we'll see how things go with Homegirl and Big Bro!--

Or: Why they teach you to take your pins out in sewing class in the seventh grade...

Needles break = bad things can happen
Kind of hard to see in that top picture, so here's a better shot:

The needle isn't poking me, my finger is just there so you can see how it broke off!
Fortunately (?) the thread was still through the eye, so it just hung there until I un-threaded it.

I'll show you what I was making when I get a picture taken (I downloaded all of the 400some pictures  I took since we left New Orleans, but apparently haven't taken any of the things I've made since we've been here!).  

And I did not put this needle in my "broken but not forgotten" special needle-holder-place.  I feel like that is a place reserved for needles that have been totally spent - this was me being stupid. ;)

Blessings and take those pins out!

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