05 June 2012

I'm still here!

Wow - it's been a long time!  Sorry!  We have completed our move to the Jersey Shore (and are Loving it!), sold our house in New Orleans, our new place is almost to the point where it feels like home and I am due to have this baby girl TOMORROW (though I would not mind one itty bitty bit if she came today...)!!!

So, a lot has been going on.  That and the fact that the camera cord is here somewhere (meaning I haven't downloaded any pictures) is why I haven't posted.

BUT - a lot of sewing/creating/starting to decorate/cooking/canning has been going on and I will share that with you all real soon.

I promise.

(the few pictures I do have are from photobooth on the computer - this is a card that I painted and then scanned and printed- something am going to be doing more of in the future to stock the shop!  I sent this pic to my Dad because I was so excited that I actually got the whole process to work - his smart comment was, "that's nice, making the kids read backwards".  Thanks Dad.)  ;)

As soon as I find that cord...and/or this baby gets here...



  1. I've been checking on you and am very happy to have a progress report. Glad you are getting settled in (just in time for more changes!) Good luck over the next few weeks.