02 March 2012

The Word

A Coast Guard helicopter crashed Tuesday night in Mobile, AL.  
My husband is a Coast Guard pilot and when anything like this happens it hits way too close to home.
This is something I fear every time he goes to work.  The Coast Guard and especially the aviation community within the Coast Guard is so small, we all know each other and that makes it so difficult when things like this happen.  

Three of the four crew have been recovered, deceased.  The search continues for the fourth.
They were training.  Training to do the mission their fellow Coasties are doing right now to find them.

What I have been reminded, though the week has been very difficult, is that God is good.  
No matter what.

May God Bless and Keep them and their families.



  1. A sweet tribute, and a sweet Scripture for encouraging others...thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you for stopping by Cindy!

  2. A wonderful tribute Daphne! A comforting verse. My prayers went out to them and their loved ones the minute I heard. Thanks so much for sharing this today!

  3. Such a comforting verse. I think I'll write that one down and put it on my bedside so that I don't get caught up in freaking out about Evie at night.

    1. It is a comforting verse - one of those I must have read before, but didn't really SEE until now.