20 March 2012

Hello Again!

Sorry for the extended absence - we were up in New Jersey finding a place to live because we're moving in about a month!!!!!  (CRAZY!)
We did find a little place that should be perfect for us and is just blocks from the beach - woot woot!!

While we were gone, I did a bit of art journaling (enjoying that so very much).

I was also able to stop in to Home Made and meet the very lovely owner Julie and Dot, a patron that loves the shop!  So fun.  
Looking forward to being able to attend some knitting afternoons there!

Still need to finish:
- my needlebook
- the baby quilt for the baby who will be one before we know it!
-something I am forgetting...hmmm, that's not good

Anyway - I don't have pictures from the trip ready yet, so here are some updates to the Etsy shop!

Hope you all are well,