28 December 2011

Let's start the New Year right...

Anyone know what movie that line is from (it's actually from a song in the movie...)?  I'll give you some more hints:
"...how can our love go wrong if, we start the New Year right?"
Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire
the film made a different song a classic Christmas hit

The answer? - Holiday Inn and the song that became the hit was White Christmas.  TOTALLY random for you there folks.  It is my favorite movie though, and around this time of year I'm always humming those words, "let's start the New Year right".

This New Year I'm excited to say I'll be starting a class with Stephanie over at Homegrown Hospitality.  The class will last the whole year!!  So excited!!! (I'm always so sad when classes end)  We'll be doing just what the title suggests: Scrapbook Journal Doodle: and I can't wait!

That little doodle from the Christmas post, though it looks like it was done by an 8 year old, was actually done by me.  It was the first time in YEARS I'd gotten markers out (I didn't even have any, I had to go out and buy some) and just did something for fun - for me.  I'm thinking class will be a bit like that - all year long!

Here's a link with more information about the class if you're interested, but hurry, we start January 1!

Click here!

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