30 December 2011

Some changes...

I did something CRAZY the other day....

I treated myself to a little manicure (okay, my husband did the treating - thank you!) and got my nails painted RED!

Now, that might not seem so crazy to most everyone, but for the last...(several)...years, if I had painted my nails this color it would have had to come right back off when it was time to go to work.  Because I couldn't wear anything other than "skin tone colors" in my uniform.  December 21 was my last day on active duty in the Coast Guard.  So to celebrate the transition - I painted my nails!

I really enjoyed my active duty time and I am so glad I did it.  There were lots of "downs", but just as many or more "ups" and I am so grateful for all that I learned.  In the end, I would definitely do it all again and I am not sad to go (though I will miss the people), mostly I am grateful.  Grateful for the opportunities I was given, the stretching and growing that were made possible and the new friendships that were made (both in and out of the service). 

I didn't realize it at the time, but when I made this, I think it was my "thank you card" to the Coast Guard.

The first mixed media piece I've ever done (can you believe it?!) and I LOVED it!  It was so much fun - can't wait to start doing more.

And just what will I be doing now...well, I'll save that for next time.

Blessings friends!

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  1. Beautiful red nails...and I look forward to the Scrapbook Life journey that we will be on. It is nice to meet you through your blog. Happy New year to you! :)

    P.S. Nice mixed media piece too...very pretty.