10 January 2012

Hello Again!

Sorry it's been so long...it was a very different holiday season for us this year (I guess last year, now...) because we were in HAWAII!!!

My husband was there working over Christmas and New Year's so the little one and I went out to be with him.  It is quite a trip by yourself with an almost 20 month old little boy, just in case you were wondering!
But it is Hawaii and beautiful, so we enjoyed our visit - especially with the hubby!

We are all home now and the little guy and I officially started our "new normal" yesterday.  I was thinking about all the things I will be/be doing now (full time mom, wife, artist/business woman, etc.) and the thought of ALL those things is a little overwhelming, to be honest.  I mean how do I do them all well?

Honestly, I don't think I can - at least not on my own.  In the wonderful book, The Fruit of Her Hands, recommended by my friend Andee, the author suggests that we be Christians first and everything else will fall into place.  So that is my goal - to focus on my prayer, study and relationship and know that everything else will work out.

I am so excited about everything this new normal has in store and part of that includes a feature on the blog hopefully coming tomorrow!!  We are going to be adjusting and finding our rhythm for a little while I think, but I hope to not let that affect the blog postings... all that being said, please be patient friends!


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