19 January 2012

One of the many reasons why I love him...

There are so many reasons why I love my wonderful husband - and this is one of them...

(sorry for the poor quality, it was late and dark)

He asked to borrow my cutting board, ruler and rotary cutter to cut up his shirts from high school and college to eventually make a quilt.

He mentioned this idea several years ago - so I made a quilt to surprise him for his birthday.  He liked it, but I think he really wanted to do it by himself.  So this time, I'm going to let him!

To all those crafty husbands out there -

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  1. Hi Daphne! On a whim this morning (I was thinking about you last night) I typed in theimperfectionary to see if you had a blog by that name and here you are, all bright, shiny and new! I loved reading through all of your posts and will check back often. I was happy to see a little picture of your skirt-in-progress and hope you are finding some time for stitching. I've been stitching up a storm here. Have almost finished my third (of six) panels for my dress. I"m super motivated because I know as soon as the new AC book comes out I'll be wanting to start on something new. Enjoy your new-found freedom and your family. So good to see what you have been up to. Best.