27 January 2012

More Knitting and some Movie Information

I apologize in advance for the quality and (lack of) quantity of pictures today.
Just wanted to share what is on my needles.  And no, it's not the sweater yet.  I started though, and made a gauge swatch that is a bit wrong, so I need to call my friend from church to get some help before I dive in!

I'm making another hat.  
But this one will be a tiny one.
Because we are expecting another little one in the family!  
And we just found out yesterday that she is a girl!!  

Still going with a yellow hat though (I started before we knew).  It's so pretty and goes from white to dark yellow and back again.  I have no idea what it is called or where I got it from.  I've just been pulling from the little stash I have to try to use up as much as I can.

And yes, it is nice enough here to sit outside today.  It was quite chilly this morning, which was lovely! Then it turned warm again.  

And now, for the long anticipated movie information... the movie is called Dog Fight, starring Will Ferrell and it's about two politicians going after each other.  

I don't know how much longer they'll be filming but there were a lot of extras today (3 tour bus loads full!)  Even though they make a lot of noise at night, it's kind of fun to watch all the busyness during the day (they don't film near our house, they just have their 'base camp' here - so all the porta-potties, make up tents, wardrobe tents, trailers and cars are near us).

Well, have a lovely weekend friends!  I'll be back with more crafting next week...

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