16 January 2012

It's Show Time!

So, last Thursday, this was the view from our window...

That night they packed everything up and were gone - until last night.  They start in the late evening and work ALL NIGHT.  That's right, trucks and people and honking and equipment banging.  Fortunately they haven't woken the little one.

It's all for this...

Just a few blocks away is a movie 'set'.  It's really our downtown (well, most of it), but they have changed the name, put up fake business fronts on the real ones and even built a whole fake block of storefronts in front of a parking lot next to the court house (see below).

What really surprised me is that they actually changed our city hall name - we do not live in Hammond!  I mean, what if someone got lost? ;)

I don't know what movie they are filming - but we're thinking about walking across the street to get some breakfast from those long catering tables - yum (since they've kept us up at night!) and if we do I might just ask them and be sure to let you know.

Until then -
Blessings friends.

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