31 January 2012

Hawaiian Quilts

We saw some beautiful Hawaiian quilts while we were in Honolulu.
I wanted to share two of them with you and a little bit about how they are made.
(sorry for the glare, all of them were behind glass so it was really hard to get good, clear pictures!)

Many Hawaiian quilt designs feature the beautiful flowers and foliage found on the islands.
This is a bird of paradise flower.

Hawaiian quilts are not 'pieced' like many of the quilts we here on the mainland are used to.
Instead, they feature large applique pieces.   To get the geometric designs, the fabric is folded and cut like paper snowflakes!  Clever!

The applique is then surrounded by echo quilting.  Sort of like the ripples that come off a pebble that has been thrown into a pond.  

These are hand appliqued and quilted and the pictures don't do them justice.  They are GORGEOUS up close!  I wish I had taken more pictures (and gotten the names and makers of these two quilts!)- but if you're still curious, there is a lot of information on the web and plenty more pictures.


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