24 January 2012

What (was) on my needles

I caught the knitting bug again.  It's been at least a year since I've picked up my needles.   I was crocheting a lot - then decided I didn't want to do either.

And know I'm back to knitting.  This is a hat for the little guy.  It was chilly enough here to need it.  Now it's hot and humid again.  Sigh.

These are the easiest hats ever (but don't take my word for it because they are the only kind of hat I've ever knit...but I have knit 5 of them if that counts for anything).  
The pattern is from a book called Knitting Pretty I picked up at Tuesday Morning several years ago.  It's the only pattern I've ever used and probably will ever use from the book.  So handy, I decided to just rip out the page to carry it with me!

It's really not pink, it's the red color in the first two pictures.  I made a hat for the hubby in the gray with a red stripe long ago and so this one used up most of the rest of the yarn.  
The best thing about this 'roll up' hat?  It fits a 20 month old and a 30 year old!  Just has more 'roll' on the little one - so he'll be able to wear it for a looooooong time, hopefully.

Next, a sweater for me!  I'll keep you posted, this will be a first for me!


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