17 February 2012

More watercolors!

No real quilty news yet - hopefully this weekend? (fingers crossed)

Here are some stars inspired by Frances over at The Off-Kilter Quilt, and her podcast!

She was talking about making stars and how much she loves batik fabric.  
And I just happened to be painting as I was listening to the podcast, so out came a "batik" star!

It was so much fun and I really like how it came together.  I tried a new technique and everything!
I plan on making more of these into cards.

The only other news I can share is that some new cards have been/will be
 added to the shop shortly, including:

This happy little cow!

Cake with bunting, and...

A set of quilt block cards.
(can you tell I really want to quilt?!)

Blessings for your weekend friends!

1 comment:

  1. Hi, Daphne--

    All of these are so cool! I love the "batik stars" and the blocks on print are really fab, too! Thanks for sharing these with me. So happy I was the least bit inspiring to you!