15 February 2012

The Word

More on hospitality soon, but first, something I have needed to remember lately.  Just been in a little bit of a funk - not exactly sure why, but part of it could be this:

Yes, it was the toilet and no it hasn't shown any signs of recovery yet (we're going on a day and a half now)

Phone or no phone, funk or no funk, this IS the day the Lord has made and that is every reason to rejoice and be glad in it.

(p.s. don't you just love the word "rejoice"?!  As I was writing it I was marveling at what a wonderful word it is...)

Blessings friends - rejoice in His day today -


  1. I LOVE IT! But boo to the phone. I'd say it's probably totally dead if it's been a day and a half.

  2. Thanks Teresa! And I agree - I think the poor thing is dead. :(