28 February 2012

Some finally's

Finally - some sewing!
A play mat for the little one and his trains/helicopters (the landing pad is the red cross dealy).

It is not finished yet...because hopefully in its finished state it won't crumple so easily.
I'm going to back it with towels or a blanket I think, to give it some weight.
If it isn't obvious, a pattern was not used for this.  I just picked out scraps I thought would work, had a rough sketch and went to town.  It's sort of 'abstract' - which I like and the little one seems to like it too!
(when the dog is not laying on it) 

Another one of those project ideas that has been in my head for at least a year.  
Now that we're getting ready to move, I want to use up scraps and get some things done and out of my head - there is only room for so much in there! 

Also (finally) got most everything together for my needle book class with Susan!
Still need silk ribbon and to pick out floss colors.
So excited to get started stitching!  
The class is AWESOME - I am learning so many tips and tricks and the 'proper' ways of doing things.  Susan has made lots of videos for the class and they are so helpful (and it's been fun to put a voice with a face!).  I've taken several on-line courses, but none with video.  It's really fun!

And for painting....just picked up this book after seeing Lisa's watercolor journal and her mention of the book.  Really excited to dig in and get better about being consistent with my painting and journaling.

Have a blessed Tuesday!

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  1. Lisa got me hooked on that book too. Though I don't think I can draw a lick! Glad you are enjoying the course and learning a lot.

    I think your truck mat is AWESOME! I love projects that are useful and share your skills to benefit those you love. really cool....