20 February 2012

The Pillows are Finished!


Here is the line up.  
It has only taken me about a year to make 4, 14 x 14" pillows.
As my husband pointed out, though, 
it really only took about a week to do the actual making...
I just had to get started.

A huge shout out to Erin at Why Not Sew Quilts for the kick start to 
get me going with the hand-quilt-along!  Thank you!!

The black churn dash squares are hand pieced - everything else was done on the machine.

I have loved traditional blocks and piecing for a long time, but never actually put any together.
It is addictive, I love the finished look!

These are all made with scraps of my grandmother's clothes.
They will be going to her children and grandchildren 
(mine isn't done yet - but isn't that the way it always goes???)

And the two different types of backs.  I had a few t-shirts of hers that was able to use
which was nice because they are so stretchy they were easy to get the pillow forms in!

My folks are visiting this week - and it's Mardi Gras tomorrow!
Busy busy.


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